Fantastic Caverns

Exploring below the surface in Springfield
506f3fcc34c8dbf6e214bf493f6a2b435682dfc9 adam mcmullin 201931 m Written by Adam McMullin on July 26, 2018.

At Fantastic Caverns, the only cave in North America large enough to ride through, guests will see spectacular crystalline formations glistening in the light as they ride on a Jeep-drawn tram.

“We'll take you through the cave creation process and also kinda illustrate what you do on the surface does effect what happens below,” said Hubert Heck, public relations director for Fantastic Caverns. 

Guides stop throughout the cave and explain how the cave and its formations came to be, the group of 12 women who first explored it and how the cave has been used since it was discovered by a farmer’s dog in 1862.

“We have designated stops within the cave that the tour guide will highlight formations as well as features and even a little formations as well as features and even a little bit of the history of the cave and occasionally we may get a glimpse into some of the the cave life,” added Heck. 

Its storied history includes being a speakeasy during Prohibition and a venue for country music shows in the massive part of the cave that provides perfect acoustics for musicians.

Also family-owned, Fantastic Caverns offers the perfect cave tour for people with limited mobility, people who use wheelchairs, children and even pets.

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