Fun with Fair Food

Springfield's Ozark Empire Fair Has Plenty of Interesting Food Options
506f3fcc34c8dbf6e214bf493f6a2b435682dfc9 adam mcmullin 201931 m Written by Adam McMullin on July 26, 2019.

We all know that fair food is delicious, sinful and not something you can find on any given day. How often do you run into a deep fried Snicker bar? It's that one time a year when you can indulge on the wackiest food options and not necessarily feel so guilty about it. We hit the Midway at Springfield's Ozark Empire Fair to find the most interesting food you'll find at the fair this year. Here's our top ten Ozark Empire Fair foods!

The Ozark Empire Fair runs daily through August 3. Happy eatin'.

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