Walking down the sidewalk along Route 66, The Old Glass Place seems to be an unassuming alcove. Though the tinted glass tries its best to conceal, what lies just out of sight is one of the great hidden gems of Springfield, MO.

As soon as the glass door shuts, the hustle and bustle of the city is locked outside and the open space commands full attention. With beautifully high ceilings, preserved barn wood and exposed brick, The Old Glass Place has an unparalleled charm reminiscent of the family's old lodge.



Al Miller, a colorful fatherly type, welcomes concerts, parties, receptions and weddings. In years past, The Glass Company used to occupy the building. In 2012 a renovation transformed the venue from factory to event venue and with the existing recognition, Al decided to keep the nostalgic name of The Old Glass Place.


The space comes complete with a patio, ample parking, full bar, dividing spaces and one of the city's largest LED display screens. With this and a vast layout, the intimacy of the space remains the main focal point of this anything-but-transparent place. Al and his Old Glass Place are primed to make a memory, a blow out, a work of art!

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