Feb 27-Mar 1


Tickets are now on sale for the Midwest premiere of Tom Morton-Smith's new play Oppenheimer. As fascism spreads across Europe, two German chemists discover the processes of atomic fission and in Berkeley, California, theoretical physicists recognize the horrendous potential of this new science: a weapon that draws its power from the very building blocks of the universe. J. Robert Oppenheimer races to win the “battle of the laboratories” and create a weapon so devastating that, with the detonation of a single device, it would bring about an end not just to the Second World War but to all war. As the political situation darkens, Oppenheimer takes us into the heart of the Manhattan Project and explores the tension between the scientific advances that will shape our understanding of the fabric of the universe, and the justification of their use during wartime, revealing the personal cost of making history. It contains some adult language.

Oppenheimer is helmed by Robert Bradley and features Jane Bogue, Rich Bogue, Jake Cannon, Annie Crumbaugh, Eli Cunningham, Todd Daniel, Alex Diehl, Shane Everett, Erin Hill, Kevin Kelly, Kris Langston, Pete Nielsen, Kaleb Norman, Caleb Quinn, Tucker Rullman, Nate Schaefer, Josh Vermont, Jonna Volz, and Sierra Wilson
Performances run February 14-March 1, 2020.

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Dates Feb 27-Mar 1
Location Springfield Contemporary Theatre
Address 302 E. Pershing St. - Springfield, MO 65806
Website http://www.springfieldcontemporarytheatre.org/
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