Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden

The oldest attraction at the Springfield Botanical Gardens, the 7.5 acre, Mizumoto Japanese Stroll garden includes a large koi lake, moon bridge, meditation garden, tea house and traditional Japanese garden landscaping. Built in the 1980s in partnership with the Springfield Sister City, Isesaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Consistently ranked one of the top Springfield attractions by TripAdvisor. Open seasonally April through October.

Visit www.parkboard.org for more information.

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TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

4.5 Based on 208 reviews


Address 2400 S. Scenic Ave., Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 891-1515
Website www.parkboard.org
Price $4 Adults, $2 Children ages 3-12, Free admission for children ages 2 and under. Free admission for Members of Friends of the Garden, Springfield Sister Cities and American Horticulture Society (reciprocal admission program).

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