C-Street Historic District

Experience Springfield's first Federal Register Historic District. Do the "C-Street Stroll;" and catch the vibe of this eclectic artisan, entertainment and unique shopping destination.

Visit the local coffee shop to meet this tightly-knit community of trendsetters, artists and environmentalists. Train watch from the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge, one of the country's longest footbridges. Shop at the seasonal C-Street Market nearby on Saturdays, or at the art galleries, antique & flea markets or chic vintage clothing venues sprinkled throughout the district.

Treat yourself to one-of-a-kind artisan destinations: a chocolate factory that imports and roasts its own beans, two bakeries, a 53-year-old family pizzeria and Springfield's newest micro brewery.

Spoil yourself at a massage/day spa school, learn a new dance in one of the most beautiful ballrooms in town, take a break in the city's oldest tavern, or just take in the six unique historic blocks of a beautiful, turn-of-the-century railroad boomtown.

Visit www.historicCstreet.com for more information.

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Address Commercial St. between Washington Ave. and Grant Ave., Springfield, MO
Website www.historicCstreet.com
Hours of Operation Self-guided
Price Free

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