Clay Cooper Theatre

Clay Cooper Theatre

You’re always guaranteed a great time at Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson,Missouri! With four shows operating throughout the season and several special events taking place throughout the year, Clay and his incredible staff go the extra mile to provide a safe, fun, family environment for you, our guests!

The theatre, formerly owned and operated by the Osmond Family, was taken over by Clay in January, 2010. Since that time, the lobby was expanded, an additional 7,000 square feet was added to the back for additional dressing rooms, rehearsal hall, kid’s area, technical and costume storage, and a dance hall. We also added state-of the art sound and lighting as well as new video screens and cameras.

If that isn’t enough, our parking lot is FLAT and in front of the building, a port de cache’ has been added. We are very excited about all the renovations, and continue to make plans for future improvements. We want our guests to feel comfortable while here at Clay Cooper Theatre. After all, we’re just real people, havin’ a real good time! Come join us in our fun!

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Address 3216 W. Hwy. 76, Branson, MO
Phone (417) 332-2529
Seasonal Restrictions Mar-Dec

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