Lindwedel Winery

Established in 2007. Lindwedel Winery's owners have a passion for the lake and expansive land views their winery offers to its visitors as they step foot on their land. The Lindwedels settled in the Ozarks on Table Rock Lake outside of Branson, Missouri in 1995. Ever since they have begun a life in the winery business, it has allowed friends and family alike to enjoy and revel in both the beauty and peace of the atmosphere. In March of 2007, Kim and Steve Lindwedel bought 15 acres just west of Branson where they are now overlooking the rolling hills of the Ozarks and witness the lights of the city at night. Lindwedel Winery offers many Missouri grape varietals.

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Address 3158 State Hwy. 265, Branson, MO
Phone (417) 338-0256
Hours of Operation Summer Hours of Operation (Through October)
Seasonal Restrictions Mar-Dec
Payment Methods Cash and Credit Card
Discounts Offered Military

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