Show-Me Brewing

BEER AND WINE MAKING SUPPLIES Our home brew supply store offers the area’s greatest selection of grains, hops and yeast. As well as all the equipment you need to make beer at home! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and helping new and experienced brewers alike to make the best beer possible. We are as passionate about brewing as you are, so stop in and have a home brew and talk shop with us!

BREW WITH US In addition to being a full service homebrew supply store, we also have high-end, professional grade brewing equipment which you can come and use. Our experienced brewing specialist can lead you step by step through the entire process, from recipe construction to fermentation and ultimately bottling. Our wide selection of all the grains, hops and yeast, allow you to create any style of beer you want. One batch is 10 gallons which makes approximately 100 bottles of beer!

OUR MICROBREWERY As a licensed microbrewery, we also serve our craft beer made in house by the glass and growler. We craft our beers in small batches with great care. This also gives us the opportunity to rotate different, unique beer through on a regular basis. so check back often and see what’s new! Watch beer being brewed while you’re here enjoying craft beer you will only find in our taproom, or just hang out and talk with other people as passionate about craft beer as you are. Stop in and have a pint! Or bring your growler! Or both!

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Address 1925 E. Bennett St., Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 315-8617
Hours of Operation M-F 10- 7 pm, Sat 9-7 pm, Sun 10-3 pm
Payment Methods Cash and Credit Card

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