Tie & Timber Beer Co.

The Tie & Timber Beer Company brews premium, fresh, craft beer and provides an atmosphere where our neighbors can put aside their concerns and simply enjoy the company and conversations around them; a place to share ideas between friends, family, and strangers.

Our craft beer menu will offer a variety of styles from traditional and approachable to creative and adventurous. By producing ales in small batches, not only do we ensure the beer is always fresh and a diverse selection is consistently available on tap, but it also enables us to quickly respond to the ever changing preferences of you, the craft-beer lover.

Although Tie & Timber will not offer a food menu, our patrons are welcome and encouraged to bring along their favorite fare to enjoy in our casual taproom or newly constructed patio.

Located at 1451 East Cherry St in the historic Pickwick Place business district, Tie & Timber Beer Company roots down as a lumberyard first opening in 1918. Framing the neighborhood brewery, the Chadwick Branch of the Frisco Railway faithfully serviced Missouri’s booming timber industry since before the turn of the century.

The idea of the taproom brewery is one probably familiar to those aware of the brewing renaissance occurring in this and other countries. Neighborhood breweries were once as commonplace as your local bakery or butcher shop. Tie & Timber is honored and humbled to be a small part of restoring that tradition.

Visit www.tieandtimberbeerco.com for more information.

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Address 1451 E. Cherry St., Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 429-9131
Website www.tieandtimberbeerco.com
Hours of Operation M-Th 3-10 pm, F-Sat noon-midnight, Sun Noon-6 pm
Payment Methods Cash and Credit Card

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