Bear Creek Wine Company

The best winery in Branson isn’t in Branson…..We are located just 10 miles outside of the hustle and bustle of Branson MO. Our winery is locally owned and family operated and offers complimentary tasting daily. We offer an array of smoked meats and cheeses and our Rustic Pizza, along with some of the best views in the Ozarks.

Stroll our beautiful property featuring ponds, streams, and much more. Enjoy a glass of wine on one of our many decks or cozy up by the fireplace inside our tasting room. Live music every weekend, along with our great wines, local beer and winaritas. Get off the beaten path and experience true Ozarks culture with us at Bear Creek Wine Co. in Walnut Shade MO.

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Address 1320 Keithley Rd., Walnut Shade, MO
Phone (417) 443-0036
Seasonal Restrictions Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

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