Hold Fast Brewing

Beer brings people together. That’s a fact, and it’s also Carol and Susan McLeod’s mission statement. Their father brought the two of them up with a deep sense of community. When he passed, they decided to join forces and open Hold Fast Brewing to honor his legacy. Our space is more than just a brewery: It’s a true gathering place built upon passion, hard work, and sheer force of will. We’re bringing food trucks, live music, and, of course, cold, delicious beers right to downtown Springfield’s old converted fire station.

Visit www.hfbrewing.com for more information.

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Address 235 N. Kimbrough Ave., Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 761-2318
Website www.hfbrewing.com
Hours of Operation Mon-Thurs 3 pm-9 pm, Fri-Sat noon-11 pm, Sun 11 am-7 pm
Payment Methods Cash and Credit Card

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