History Museum on the Square

Sharing Stories of the Crossroads

History Museum on the Square honors Springfield's past, including the Birthplace of Route 66 and the site of the first Wild West shootout. Located on three floors, there are eight dedicated spaces in the reimagined museum. Visitors will find a welcome center, six permanent galleries, and one section for temporary exhibits and special events.

The six permanent galleries include Native Crossroads at the Spring; Trains, Trolleys and Transportation: Children’s Education Area; Pioneers and Founders at the Crossroads; The Civil War in Springfield; Wild Bill Hickok and the American West; and Birthplace of Route 66.

Highlights of the museum include: • An interactive touchscreen with a map of Springfield that allows visitors to touch a location on the screen and see a vintage photo of the location juxtaposed next to a photo as it appears today • A time machine built into a replica of a trolley car. The time machine has more than 40 video vignettes of famous Springfieldians and significant historical events • An immersive re-enactment chamber that allows the user to experience the Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt shootout • A 66-foot long timeline and map of the iconic Mother Road.

Visit historymuseumonthesquare.org for more information.

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Address 154 Park Central Square, Springfield, MO
Phone (417) 831-1976
Website historymuseumonthesquare.org
Hours of Operation Wed-Sat 10 am-5 pm, Sun 1 pm- 5 pm, Sensory Friendly Hours Second Saturdays 10 am-Noon
Price $16 adults, $13 military, seniors and students, $10 children ages 4-12, free children 3 and under, museum members free
Payment Methods Cash and Credit Card
Discounts Offered Group Discount, Child, Military, Senior, and Student

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