A study of parking options in downtown Springfield is underway. The goal is to provide the city with options for improving the parking system while fostering a vibrant quality of place and sustaining future economic development in the downtown Springfield area.

The study area is bordered roughly by National Avenue on the east, Grant Avenue on the west, Elm Street on the south and Phelps Street on the north. 

As a part of the study, Walker Consultants will assess existing public and private parking, both on- and off-street. They will document how parking is used throughout the seasons, times of the week and times of day. The project will include a review of existing parking regulations, operating policies and procedures, enforcement practices and other aspects of the parking system, resulting in recommendations to improve all aspects of the public parking system.

The study will also include field observations, data collection, property owner and stakeholder input, and feedback from a public survey available through March 20. Input provided in this survey will be used to inform recommendations for future parking improvements, downtown planning and development strategies and other innovative parking solutions to help support the continued growth and development of downtown Springfield.

Parking Survey Flyer