The CVB is keeping an eye on the pandemic and its impact on travel and we're sure you are, too. Now that the initial shock of the crisis is waning, it's time to start looking forward. Here are news stories and information that might be helpful in your efforts to keep your business operating.

Gov. Parson working with US Small Business Administration to help small businesses in Missouri

Missouri Governor Mike Parson directed the state’s emergency management agency and the department of economic development to seek assistance for Missouri businesses through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan program.

Ships, Planes And Other Spots Are Getting A 'Deep Clean.' What's That Mean?

Public health officials suggest a few common steps can be used by both businesses and individual households: increasing the frequency of cleanings, using disinfectant products that federal officials say are effective, cleaning "high-touch" spots and making hand sanitizer readily available.

Social Distancing Guidelines at Work

If you're still going to the office but want to practice social distancing, this is a good tip sheet.

Department of Labor FAQs About Unemployment Benefits, Workers' Compensation and Discrimination and COVID-19

Questions and answers for employers and workers about coronavirus and unemployment insurance benefits.

How to Make Virtual Events Engaging

In a time where most face-to-face meetings aren’t an option, many event professionals are turning to virtual events. But as we all know, it can be difficult to keep a remote audience engaged.

6 ways to deal with conflict and disagreement when you work remotely

Having diverse viewpoints on a team makes that team better—but only if everyone on the team is willing to communicate those viewpoints. If people are afraid to disagree, then that diversity of perspectives loses much of its value.