A mid-sized city in the middle of the United States is one of the last places you would expect to find history-making Chinese food. But, indeed, Springfield’s legacy includes a tasty dish with an Asian twist that has been the subject of news and feature stories around the country.

That’s because the city’s signature dish is Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken, a delicious combination of fried chicken, oyster sauce, green onions and cashews. Created by David Leong in 1963, Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken was an attempt to placate the Midwestern taste buds that weren’t comfortable trying traditional Chinese foods. 

Nearly 60 years later, the Americanized dish can be found on menus throughout the city and across the nation. That includes Leong’s Asian Diner in Springfield, a popular restaurant owned and operated by the sons of David Leong.

Leong’s Asian Diner is one of the dozens of Chinese restaurants available in Springfield ranging from drive-thrus to white-tablecloth experiences.