Sweet or spicy. Mustard- or ketchup-based. Beef ribs, pulled pork, chicken, or something else. No matter what style - or a mix of styles - you choose, you’re sure to find some roll-up-your-sleeves, put-on-a-bib, finger-lickin’-delicious barbecue in Springfield. From Bubba’s to Buckingham’s and Bawi Korean BBQ to Lost Signal Brewing Co. and everything in between, your craving for smokey meat drenched in the flavorful sauce will be satisfied.

Let’s not forget the baked beans and other sides that’ll make your meal complete. Like coleslaw? You’ll get plenty. Want more veggies? You can get them. Love the fries? You’ll find a variety.

Check out some of the city’s barbecue options in the list below and get ready to enjoy a memorable meal you’ll brag about when you get home.