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AAA expects 30% fewer holiday travelers between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3, due to COVID concerns

It looks like many Americans may be heeding the CDC's advice not to travel over the holidays. But some are still determined to see family and friends.

Plotting Your Digital-Event Strategy

The most asked question in the events industry since March has been: “What’s the best virtual-meeting platform?” Many planners have come to realize that the question is like asking, “What’s the best place to have a meeting?” The list of “virtual-event platforms” is long and getting longer, as tech providers add features and shift their marketing to meet the demand for digital events. What was previously pitched as an audience-engagement event app or on-site networking tool is now being sold as a virtual meetings platform. The term encompasses a varied array of functionality.

7 Attendee Personas and How to Engage Them Online

Hundreds of people have joined your digital event. But are they really listening? Chances are, some are laser-focused on content and connections, others are checking email and taking calls, and a few are scrutinizing every element of the gathering so they can lodge their complaints in great detail.

How to Keep Your Team Engaged in a Remote Meeting

Keeping team members inspired and productive can be difficult in the best of times, but has become all the more challenging during the current crisis. While no one wants to jump on another Zoom call, virtual team meetings — when done well — can help employees feel refreshed, valued and more connected.