Farmers Park, in partnership with Springfield Regional Arts Council, is pleased to announce the selection of three artists for the Outpost Artist Residency program at Farmers Park. The residency is designed to provide a unique place and ample time for contemporary artists to engage in art making, and with the dynamic community emerging around the Farmers Market of the Ozarks™. Selected artists will spend six months at Farmers Park and will receive free live/work space and opportunities for public engagement such as lectures, exhibitions, and workshops.


Farmers Park is a multi-use destination for people and businesses alike nestled in south Springfield.

About the artists selected for residencies at Farmers Park

Ankica Mitrovska works with charcoal on gesso paper through the process of adding and subtracting. This process allows the work to stay in constant flux. In Ankica’s most recent residency, she began working on a new set of expressive mix media portrait based drawings on paper banners and would love to continue exploring the new approach here at Farmers Park. Ankica also intends to utilize her time here to research the idea of a residency, and its relevance, with the intent of starting up a live/work self-sustained artist residency in Skopje, Macedonia upon her return in 2015.

Kenneth Moore begins each of his works with a set of self-imposed guidelines that include a large element of repetition. Kenneth’s works are performative in nature, and carry the record of his daily act in paint.  The focus of his practice concerns itself with the everyday broken down into four components:  time, the political, the societal, and the individual. During Kenneth’s stay at Farmers Park, he intends to create between 150 and 170 works.

J. Karl Lipscomb focuses primarily on sculpture, with reclaimed wood being his medium of choice.  Most of his process is done with power hand tools: skill saw, chop saw, jigsaw, belt sander, pad sander, and a 4 ½ inch disk grinder. During his residency Karl would like to create an interactive piece that provides visitors a space to sit or sprawl in the shade under a canopy comprised of geometric and organic forms, which rise and grow into tree-like shapes.Creative hub at Farmers Park

This residency opportunity is part of a larger initiative to develop a creative hub at Farmers Park. In the same way the park provides a venue and community centered around local food with the Farmers Market of the Ozarks™, Farmers Park is actively seeking to grow our creative community by providing a venue and programming focused on local and regional artists and art-making.

Several programs are currently underway, including the Farmers Park Art Project Open Call for public Art, with the first finalist selected – nationally award-winning artist Matthew Mazzotta.

The Farmers Park Art Project strives to make Farmers Park a creative district by promoting the importance of regional culture and ideas through the exposure of relevant and substantial regional artwork. Our mission is to foster cultural sustainability and strengthen our community by bridging the rich and utilitarian history of a timeless agricultural tradition with the complex social landscape of the modernized world.

Farmers Park is a multi-use destination for people and businesses alike; Farmers Park offers premium alternatives to the mass-produced food and goods so commonly sold today.  The area features LEED®-certified buildings, lots, and landscaping – all designed and constructed for low impact and long-term sustainability.  Farmers Park serves the Ozarks region as a community-oriented center of activity where individuals and families can embrace healthy, happy lifestyles while supporting local famers and businesses.  Follow for updates.

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