Greene County and the City of Springfield have prohibited gatherings larger than 10 people, but when there's a threat of severe weather, officials want people to shelter during a storm even if it's a group larger than 10.

The Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management, The City of Springfield, The Greene County Commission and the Springfield-Greene County Health Department encourage the community to heed the current recommendations for sheltering – even if that means gathering in safe rooms or shelters where the numbers would exceed gathering limits.

“In conversations with the Springfield mayor, Greene County Commission and the Health Department, OEM wants to make sure the citizens of Springfield and Greene County know that personal safety is important," said Larry Woods, OEM director. "To that end, please still use the community shelters that we are fortunate to have and follow the guidelines set out by property management if you live in an apartment complex. Social distancing is important in this time, but please heed the warnings regarding severe weather. We would encourage property managers, as well, to continue to make their safe rooms and shelters available to their residents.”

To learn more about what you and your family can do to prepare for severe weather, including instructions on building your emergency kit visit: