The city has entered phase 3 of the Road to Recovery Plan and hotel statistics continue trending upward so, unless something changes, we won’t be sending out an industry update every week.

We will, however, continue to monitor the numbers and post them in Issues & Info for those who want to keep abreast of how the tourism industry is faring.

While it’s not faring well, we’re certainly seeing improvements. Here’s how the numbers looked for June 7-13 compared to the same period in 2019.

  • Occupancy: 49.4 percent, down 25.3 percent
  • Average Daily Rate: $72.09, down 18.3 percent
  • Room Demand: 20,927, down 23.8 percent
  • Revenue: $1,508,592, down 37.8 percent

Those numbers aren’t anything to brag about unless you consider where we were in mid-April when the local hospitality industry bottomed out with hotel occupancy at 21.2 percent.

Just because we’re not emailing the numbers to you every week, we’re still here to provide the information you need. Don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of the CVB staff with questions or concerns.