Springfield is No. 12 on a list of best summer travel destinations in the United States, outscoring some of the nation's better-known vacation locales.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, ranked 100 cities based on scores in six categories: 

  • Travel Costs & Hassles
  • Local Costs
  • Attractions
  • Weather
  • Activities
  • Safety

The scores were calculated on 42 metrics, such as airfare, hotel costs, attractions, weather, COVID cases, etc.

With 100 being the best possible score, the total for Springfield was 64.81, landing it at the No. 12 spot on the list. The city was eighth on the list for safety, 13th for travel costs and hassles, 27th for weather, 60th for local costs, 67th for attractions and 71st for activities.

"We've always known Springfield is a great place to visit and it's great to see others acknowledge it," said Tracy Kimberlin, president/CEO of the Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Other Missouri cities on the list included St. Louis at No. 23 with a score of 60.7 and Kansas City with a score 55.08 making it No. 61.  

The highest score was Orlando, Florida, at 72.95 and the lowest was Lansing, Michigan, with a score of 36.29.