According to state legislation enacted in 1993, the Division of Tourism budget should be about $30 million. This year it’s only $13.4 million and the Missouri Senate is recommending further reductions in FY13 to only $10 million, one-third the amount the budget should be.

This causes great concern and we urge you to immediately call and email the senators below to encourage them to keep the budget at $13.2 million as recommended by the Missouri House of Representatives.

If the Division of Tourism budget is cut to $10 million, it is likely the Cooperative Marketing Program will be eliminated or drastically cut, negatively affecting the marketing budgets of destination marketing organizations throughout the state that participate in the matching grants program.

The sample letter below will be helpful to you as you make those calls and send emails.

Please do not delay. The Senate Appropriations Committee is making a decision this week.

Thank you in advance for your help. We really need your support! To those of you who have already contacted these senators, we also say thanks. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Tracy Kimberlin President/CEO Springfield, MO Convention & Visitors Bureau