Part of the process involved in getting groups booked into Springfield is to send sales leads to hotels and meeting facilities. Here are some tips on how to respond and increase the chances your property will be selected by meeting planners.

Dana Maugans

  1. Thoroughly read through the Sales Lead noting the specific needs of the event.  The CVB will provide details and past history on the event if available.  Some leads may have an attached agenda with more information or a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  2. Check hotel room inventory and/or meeting room space inventory to determine if space is available. Please note in the proposal whether rooms or meeting room space is being held.
  3. Consider other business that you normally have for that time of year and if there are other events going on in the city before quoting a rate.  The CVB will list what the group has paid in the past and what their budget is if available.
  4. Some planners request a Rebate back to their organization and on occasion the CVB may request a Rebate to help pay for expenses. Address the Rebate as instructed in the lead and keep a copy with the proposal for your records.
  5. Some leads will ask that the proposal be sent directly to the event planner and others may have the proposal sent to the CVB rep.  A  Lead Response form may be included in lieu of sending a proposal. Just follow the directions on the lead and respond accordingly. Contact the CVB rep if there are questions.
  6. Make sure the proposal is professional especially when sending directly to an event planner. A professional proposal will make a good impression!
  7. Submit the proposal by the deadline date.
  8. If the exact dates requested are not available, please offer alternate dates unless the lead states that dates are not flexible.
  9. The CVB will send notification when a group makes a decision. Once a contract is signed please send a copy to the CVB. It is the responsibility of the hotel to manage the room block and cut-off date as agreed upon in the contract. If rooms are not picking up as expected please contact the event planner or the CVB.
  10. The CVB will provide instructions if a Housing Bureau will utilized. Group History forms will be sent to the booked properties after the event so that room pick up can be tracked.

If you have questions about the sales lead process, feel free to give me a call at 881-5300, Ext. 111, or send email to