The Springfield-Branson National Airport unveiled a new website that aims to make flying from Springfield as easy as possible.

"Our new website strives to improve the customer service experience," says Kent Boyd, airport marketing director. How can an airport website improve the flying experience? Boyd says the site addresses one of the biggest frustrations facing the flying public: finding timely, accurate information about the airlines.

"Let's face it. Getting airline information is difficult," says Boyd. "Even finding a phone number is a chore. The same goes for figuring out airline schedules and booking a flight. The new airport website puts all that sort of information in one place - no more than one mouse click away."

The front page of the new site ( puts the most requested information front and center. That includes airline contact information, flight arrival and departure times, and flight booking information. The airport's social media information is also there, so customers can easily connect to the airport's information resources on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the airport blog.

Boyd says the new site is mobile friendly. "When customers visit the site on a smart phone they'll get a scaled down version that loads quickly, and is easy to navigate with a small screen."

The biggest convenience offered by the site is the online booking system. "We call it Flight Booker," says Boyd. "While it's not unlike services offered by online travel companies, there is a major difference. Our system is run by Great Southern Travel."

Great Southern has several offices in Springfield, including one in the airport lobby. "If someone books a flight on the airport website, they have instant access to Great Southern's airport staff," says Boyd.

"Suppose you miss your flight from Springfield - all you have to do is go to Great Southern's airport office and they'll rebook you, often quicker than an airline could do it. I dare say there aren't many airports in the country that have that kind of customer service resource available."