The deadline to update listings in the 2013 edition of the "Official Missouri Travel Guide" is June 1.

If you have updated your travel guide information since Dec. 28, 2011, your listing has been approved for inclusion and you can disregard this reminder.

The Missouri Division of Tourism plans to distribute 300,000 copies of the 2013 travel guide, which remains a valuable tool for vacationers. A survey conducted in 2011 shows the majority (64 percent) of travel guide users select destinations based on what they find in the guide. Additionally, guide users stay longer and spend more than non-guide users; they also rely more on the guide than they do GPS devices and web-based travel sites.

Again, travel guide listings are free for qualifying businesses. If you would like to make your business stand out a little more, contact your regional sales representative from Madden Media to discuss the new Calendar of Events section, expanded listings, and display ad options.

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If you need help updating your listing, or want to make sure you already completed the updates, email or call 573-751-3208.