Shoppers at Battlefield Mall will have a chance to see 25 circuses at the same time Aug. 15-18.

That’s because miniature circus exhibits will be on display at the mall while the Circus Model Builders 2019 Annual Convention is taking place in Springfield.

The convention is the 58th for the organization and the second to be in Missouri; the convention was in Columbia in 1990.

The Circus Model Builders was formed in 1936 for hobbyists who build or own miniature models of circus equipment for the diffusion and exchange of ideas, plans, and specifications and to perpetuate the circus as an amusement and educational institution. The convention is one method of displaying the hobby to the public.

Members of the Circus Model Builders are people who love the circus so much they want to have one of their own. Many Circus Model Builders have a goal to own a show in miniature down to the last tent, performer, roustabout, elephant, wagon and prop.

The Circus Model Builders has over 750 members in the United States, Canada and other countries. About 200 people are expected to attend the convention in Springfield. Learn more about the group at

The Circus Model Builders is one of many conventions and group events brought to the city through the efforts of the Convention & Visitors Bureau. The CVB is a nonprofit marketing agency dedicated to boosting the local economy through growth in travel and tourism. For more information, call 417-881-5300 or visit