A nationally broadcast TV show will broadcast scenes recently filmed in Springfield at 8 p.m. Friday, June 21, on ABC.

John Quiñones and the “What Would you Do?” team took a trip down Route 66 with surprising scenario outcomes. Using hidden cameras, “What Would You Do?” establishes everyday scenarios and then captures people’s reactions.

The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau helped the film crew find locations for the show and assisted when they were in the city.

Scenarios in Springfield include:

  • Wanted Woman: At a Springfield pawn shop, posters of the latest criminal to walk the streets of Missouri adorn the walls, the doors, and lay in a stack near the checkout counter. She’s young, she’s attractive, and she recently ripped off a jewelry store for $100,000 worth of diamonds. What would you do if you saw this same woman, enter the store and try to pawn off the wares she’s stolen?
  • Accent Discrimination: A Springfield restaurant patron levels disrespectful comments towards his server who has a heavy accent. The customer’s discriminatory remarks include, “You are in America, speak English!” Will anyone confront the patron about his behavior?

Other scenarios that will air during the show include:

  • Dine & Dash:  While awaiting their food at a Weatherford, Oklahoma, restaurant, three loud teenage boys taunt and dare each other to exit without paying.  When the check arrives, the teens dash for the door. Once customers realize that the boys are up to no good, will they prevent them from “dining and dashing”?
  • Route 66 Runaway:  A beautiful teen girl is sitting in a Weatherford, Oklahoma, rest stop restaurant looking upset, when a trucker sitting across from her asks what’s wrong.  She explains that she ran away. The trucker tells her that she is so beautiful she could be an actress in California, adding that he is heading that way and would be happy to take her along. Will anyone stop her from going with the trucker and convince her to call home?
  • Sweet Tea Swindler: What would you do if you bought sweet tea from a cute young boy and girl, only to have them unexpectedly charge you extra for the cup?  Will the real life customers stand up to our tiny con artists in an Amarillo, Texas, park?