The Missouri Division of Tourism is accepting nominations for the annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism Awards. Entries should demonstrate exemplary customer service, initiative and have positively influenced the tourism industry.

Businesses such as destination marketing organizations, tourism attractions, lodging, restaurants, festivals/events, publications and other entities contributing to the tourism industry in Missouri are encouraged to submit nominations, which must be postmarked or time stamped by 5 p.m. June 12.

Once you've completed the Award Nomination Form, submit it, along with the supporting documentation, to: Governor’s Conference on Tourism, c/o Missouri Division of Tourism, PO Box 1055, Jefferson City, MO 65102

Or email to:

When compiling your entry, be sure to include the information outlined below. Supporting material is required.

Summary: Write a brief overview describing your nomination and how their goals have achieved the criteria listed for the award.

Statistics: Provide documentation/research showing how the organization achieved success. This material should show how the community was impacted and can include - but is not limited to - increases to visitation, occupancy and other economic data.

Innovation: Explain what your nominee is doing differently that is leading to success.

Award Categories

Missouri Tourism Hall of Fame: The Hall of Fame Award recognizes individuals whose long-term (minimum of 10 years) contributions have significantly and measurably impacted the tourism industry in Missouri.

Sen. Emory Melton Legislative Award: This award honors those legislators and tourism industry members who work closely with the legislative process in support of the tourism industry. These individuals recognize the value of tourism to the state and work to ensure the industry continues to flourish.

Marketing Campaign Award: This award acknowledges achievement in effective, integrated marketing campaigns. Campaigns that led to increased visitation, expenditures and sales tax revenue through one or more channels such as electronic, broadcast, social media, print, direct mail and public relations are eligible for nomination.

Pathfinder Award: This award recognizes marketers aiming for niche markets and hitting the target. These trailblazers are showing the rest of the industry where to find new markets and how best to reach them.

Innovator Award: The Innovator Award pays tribute to those smaller tourism entities that achieved great results with small budgets. These can-do destinations and attractions increased visitation, traveler spending or tax revenues.

Navigator Media Award: These media outlets turn the spotlight on Missouri tourism and the importance it plays in our state’s economy. The Navigator Media Award recognizes broadcast, print and electronic media that have supported and promoted tourism with stories and images that both inform and entice.

Rising Star Award: The Rising Star Award is presented to an individual who has made great advancements to an organization’s tourism efforts despite the length of their tenure (less than 5 years or having recently transitioned to a new role.)

Hospitality Award: Presented to an individual, business or organization that has demonstrated remarkable customer service, the Hospitality Award honors those who have positively impacted every visitor encountered. It is this effort, completed naturally with the visitor experience in mind, that enhances the overall experience in Missouri.


  • Anonymous nominations are not accepted.
  • Any nominations submitted without supporting documentation will be disqualified.
  • The Missouri Division of Tourism is not responsible for mistakes or for correcting information on the nomination forms.
  • Not all categories may be awarded.