Springfield has been selected to host the 2011 Governor’s Conference on Economic Development Sept. 20-23.  Springfield hosted the conference in 2007 and delighted to welcome a return visit. University Plaza Hotel & Convention Center will serve as host hotel with Holiday Inn Express for additional guestrooms. Attendance at the 2011 conference is expected to be 800 to 1,000.

The conference allows vendors to show and sell their products or specialized services while meeting with new prospects from businesses, communities, industries, education, government, associations and non-profit organizations. In addition, representatives from Business and Community Services, Workforce Development, Missouri Development Finance Board, Missouri Housing Development Commission, Public Service Commission, and the Missouri Women’s Council will be attending.

Missouri Department of Economic Development has made an effort to rotate the Governor’s Conference around the state, which allows attendee’s to visit and witness new economic development projects that are happening in Missouri. In addition, the first day of the conference offers tours of local sites that would be of interest to the attendees.

We look forward to welcoming Missouri community leaders into our city and share with them what Springfield has to offer!