Pitching stories about Springfield is part of my job and in October, I'll be doing just that at the Midwest Travel Journalists Assoc. and Society of American Travel Writers events. To prepare, I'm seeking stories to pitch about the Ozarks. What's new, unique, trendy, quirky, unusual, beautiful? What are the untold stories about our destination that make it a great place to visit? I'll use your ideas when I tell journalists about the area and what makes it a destination that draws millions of visitors annually.

If you know of something that might be of interest to travel media, send the information to me at swade@springfieldmo.org. If you can send a news release and high-resolution images, I'll try to add them to the SATW conference website so media can see them in advance. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and telling travel journalists all about Springfield and the Ozarks next month!

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