From the first step into Farmer's Gastropub, something is truly original. Alongside the quirky and historical decor, there is an ambience that is all very British. Established in 2009 the pub's unique feel has been perpetuated in each decision made by owner, Bill Griffiths. His mission: to bring traceability and sustainability, inspired through his past life as an engineer, to the food he prepares.

Now at a new location, the Gastropub has embodied the full breadth of Bill's vision. Every last detail is sourced locally and intentionally: from the recycled timber seats, to the Irish band that plays Saturday night on the patio, and most importantly to the ingredients in his cuisine.

What brought him to the States is what can only be described as a love greater than salad. While living outside of Paris, Bill became an aficionado of a Parisian salad adorned with a regional goat cheese. Also in his residency he became a tour guide to friends. One day while with friends to show them the City of Lights Bill stumbled upon his soon to be wife, quite literally.

Knocking over her suitcase, Bill met Christina Fugitt, a Springfield native. Some time later he was loading her suitcase to start a new life in Springfield, after some clever coercing and praise of how Missouri grown tomatoes are superior to the tomatoes in France. Through a partnership with Terrell Creek Farm, Bill has also been able to bring his favorite salad to the States.

Bringing his Parisian love of food stateside, Bill feeds his customers the same fresh, traceable cuisine that he eats at home. Perhaps most notable is his Pan Seared Trout topped with a delicate caper-lemon sauce. This organically fed trout is sourced from Mountain Springs Trout Park, and coasts alongside aromatic, locally grown veggies. All produce is sourced from the farmer's market across the street.

Even the drinks paired with the dishes are traceable and sustainable. For the pan seared trout; a savory chardonnay perfectly aerated thanks to a nitrogen cooling process. Whether for the love of Christina, the salad or a source of superior cuisine; Bill brings to Springfield not only a British custom, but a rich personal journey without compare within or outside of the Ozarks. The very Ozarks that Bill refers to as "The best kept secret in the United States".

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