My years spent in Springfield have been a nonstop quest for finding the trendiest places to eat and drink. With Springfield offering an authentic array of dining, it consists of any foodie’s dream. Being a college girl on a budget, though, nabbing the best steals and deals is the real treasure. Shortly after turning 21, I realized any weekday happy hour trumps a Saturday night out.


Patton Alley Pub in downtown Springfield quickly became one of my favorite places to enjoy for happy hour. With over 100 beers in bottles, and 43 on tap, their selection can please anyone’s pallet. My favorite thing about the grunge bar, though, is their pizza. That’s right, pizza!

Starting at only $4.99, you can choose from an assortment of toppings, and select either pizza sauce or BBQ sauce for your base. The BBQ sauce presents a sweet, tangy twist on classic pub pizza, and gives an authentic feel of the Midwest’s pride in anything BBQ. The true glory in this savory pizza, though? The toppings.


From fresh tomatoes, pickles, onions, to sautéed mushrooms, bleu cheese, and bacon, Patton Alley captures true bliss in pleasing taste buds...all in a 9-inch pan. My personal favorite is my hand-created hamburger pizza. Topped with tomatoes, onions, hamburger meat, and banana peppers to add some sweet spice, you’ll be left asking yourself why you ate at McDonald’s multiple times a week when you could have this? Let me tell you, this is the happiest meal you’re ever gonna get.

For those of us who enjoy a real kick to the face and their sinuses cleared, Patton Alley offers some spices to put on that pizza. Jalapeños and wasabi, anyone? All the more reason to chug some delicious craft beer! Buffalo chicken pizza is another one of my favorites, drizzled in wing sauce and ranch dressing. There is an excess of meat options for any meat lovers out there (pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, hamburger) but also a veggie burger option!


Patton Alley Pub seizes the hole-in-the-wall pub experience, and their unique, individualistic pizza is one of a few rare treasures. Enough variety to keep anyone in the family happy, Patton’s pizza will leave people coming back for more. To discover what new combo can be created or what taste buds can be challenged this time around, this pizza will leave anyone feeling happy, full, and full of flavor.

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