Well as we turn the page on another year at the CVB we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory.  We will start the year without Mr. Tracy Kimberlin leading the way into 2023.

A lot of wonderful things have been said about Tracy over the last year as he prepared for his retirement, and rightfully so. Tracy took over the CVB 35 years ago and was the architect of what we all see today. He defined his role as president and put together the team that we all rely on to represent hospitality in the Ozarks. He led with a vision through some very tough times and always put his team and his customers first. He also helped launch and propel many outstanding careers during time at the CVB.

Tracy, thank you for all you have done for the hospitality industry, the City of Springfield, and all of the individuals you have mentored along the way. You leave behind a great legacy at the CVB and exited with the same grace and humility that you led with. 

I hope you enjoy your well-earned retirement and I know you will be very successful in your new business ventures. I feel blessed to call you a friend and when I grow up, I want to be just like you!