A big shout out to Andrew Evans, author of National Geographic’s Digital Nomad blog. Andrew is traveling across the country on Route 66 and made his way through Springfield on April 22.

His blog post about the city was full of Springfield’s history, particularly in the downtown area and along Route 66.

Best of all, Andrew apparently likes the city. Below is an excerpt from his post and you can read the full story here.

“Thirty-four towns in 25 different states are all named “Springfield”, but the one in Missouri is the only one like it. I was honestly sad to leave after just one day—I felt like I had only scratched the surface of one of the most complex cities in the whole Midwest—but the road called me onwards, westwards, and I drove out of town ever so slowly, always watching the road . . . in case of cobras.”

We hope he comes back soon and explores more of what our city has to offer.