FAQs from Media

Does Springfield provide press trips for journalists?

The Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a variety of services for journalists. To see what level of service you qualify for, click here.

What is Springfield’s population?

The population within city limits is about 167,000. The metro area is about 462,000. 

Is Brad Pitt really from Springfield?

Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma and his family soon moved to Springfield where they live today. Pitt graduated from Kickapoo High School.

Does Springfield have an airport?

Springfield-Branson National Airport serves about 1 million passengers annually with direct flights to major hubs throughout the country.

How many hotels are in Springfield? 

About 60 with a total of more than 6,000 rooms.

Why is Springfield called the Queen City?

No one is sure but it’s most likely because Springfield is the largest city in the region.

Why do you say Springfield is the Birthplace of Route 66? I thought it started in Chicago.

Officials met about the highway’s name in Springfield and a telegraph announcing the number “66” for the highway was sent from Springfield on April 30, 1926.