How to Make Furloughs More Humane

Furloughs enable companies to reduce staffing costs while sidestepping layoffs, and are especially helpful during times like these, when many industries are at a near stand-still.

25 Free Things That Will Help You Communicate with Your Customers Right Now

Keeping customers engaged with your business is a huge challenge during this time. If your business is closed or your customers just aren’t spending, it’s hard to find ways to maintain your relationship with them. But just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it all you’ve got.

How to Conduct Media Relations Successfully During the Pandemic

It takes two to tango. Media relations pros know this well. Expressed in baseball parlance (remember baseball?), when PR pros pitch, content creators must be willing to catch.

How to Develop a Post-COVID-19 Digital Strategy Now

It's not news that the social media landscape looks much different than it did even a few weeks ago. Don’t expect to flip on that now-paused 2020 social strategy switch when businesses reopen. While nobody knows when the country will be back to business as usual, it’s advisable for organizations to plan and implement digital activities now that will set them up for future success.