Here's information you can use as you plan events - either in person or virtually - and for motivating your staff.

Tips for In-Person Events

Safe Travel Protocols with Guidance for Restarting Events

The protocols, backed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, include recommendations for airlines, airports, hotels and more.

How to Create a Health Security Plan for Your Event

Jonathan Spero of InHouse Physicians describes what it will take to give attendees the confidence to meet again.

Preparation Crucial to Reopening Sports Events

Representatives from two destinations that have already hosted sports events say that no matter when venues are open and sports commissions and CVBs are able to host again, making sure plans are in place and clearly communicated will be crucial to an event’s success.

How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus at Events, According to the CDC

The recommendations cover cleanliness measures for facilities, as well as critical steps to take before, during and after a meeting.

Tips for Virtual Events

How to Create Content for Digital Events

Pivoting to digital meetings means rethinking every part of the event process, including content.

How to Engage Virtual Attendees

Listen to expert tips on connecting with an audience that isn't in the room.

How to Make Your Digital Event Stand Out From the Crowd

As webcasts and virtual town halls proliferate, here's how to set yours apart.

Tips for Motivating Staff

How to Motivate Essential Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown why it is so important to motivate these vital workers.

The Personalized Discussion: A Powerful Employee Engagement Tool

New research reveals that one-to-one conversations between managers and workers can increase appreciation and reduce burnout.