A new resource designed to educate about the positions members of Congress are taking on key travel policies was recently launched by the Power of Travel Coalition.

The Congressional Scorecard displays the stances of all representatives and senators on issues such as Brand USA reauthorization, the JOLT Act and whether they are members of their respective travel caucus.

The scorecard can be used to view a specific state delegation's positions, individual members of Congress, or specific issues such as the results of the Brand USA reauthorization vote in the House. Each part of the scorecard is easily shareable through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email. Features of the site are also simple to embed directly within your organization's website.

The Power of Travel Coalition is the grassroots army of the American travel community. The Coalition seeks to amplify the voices of millions of travel employees with a vested interest in combating future assaults on travel, rewarding leaders who champion our industry, and advocating for policies that promote travel to and within the United States.