A small TripAdvisor review widget will be added to all partner listings on SpringfieldMO.org. The review widget shows the overall TripAdvisor ranking for the business with a link to the partner’s TripAdvisor profile page.

A sample of the widget is shown here: 


The Convention & Visitors Bureau has received several requests from partners and visitors to include user reviews on its site. Until now, there was not a good option to do so. According to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey, 88% of online users have read reviews to determine the quality of a local businesses and 39% use reviews on a regular basis.

Springfield is blessed with many top-notch attractions, restaurants and attractions and this is an opportunity to showcase the quality of these businesses to visitors considering Springfield as a leisure, meeting or sports destination.

The CVB encourages all partners to take an active role in monitoring and responding to all TripAdvisor reviews in an effort to establish and maintain strong review scores. To assist with this process, the CVB will host an education session with a representative from TripAdvisor on Jan. 5. Scott Caufield will share tips, tricks and best practices for managing TripAdvisor online profiles and share ways to encourage positive reviews for your business.

For more information or questions about the TripAdvisor widget, contact Laura Whisler at 417-881-5300, ext. 104, or e-mail lwhisler@springfieldmo.org.

In addition to learning about TripAdvisor, the education session will include topics related to updating CVB online listings, responding to sales leads and an update from Jerry Henry with H2R regarding the State of the Tourism Industry.

For more information about the education session, contact Abby Terhark at 417-881-5300, ext. 121, or aterhark@springfieldmo.org. Click here to register by Dec. 30.