The Springfest Party Multicultural Event is happening this Saturday April 13th at Metro Eats! The event is celebrating the diversity of the Springfield community and the surrounding area. They will have live music, activities for kids, and best believe they are going to have some of the best food in town. Let’s run down what you will have the opportunity to try when you visit this wonderful event. 

Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want Food Truck

When you can’t make up your mind on what to eat, just head to the food truck, Whatever You Want! Whatever You Want is serving a bit of it all, Mexican food, Chinese Food, and Japanese Food. What is awesome about their truck is that they take what you know of these cuisines and flip it. They’re creating fusion by combining Mexican cuisine with Japanese, meaning you can get Orange Chicken tacos, a monster Hibachi burrito filled with noodles, rice, steak, and chicken. They even have sushi specials every weekend! 

Mama G’s Kitchen Lovely Creations

Looking for some home cooking that is going to excite those taste buds and fill your belly? Mama G’s Kitchen knows exactly what you need. They have lunch and dinner menus that offer something for everyone. You can order pork chops, meatloaf, even smothered chicken and rice. You know you need some sides to go with these winning main dishes. Sweet potatoes, spicy cabbage, collard greens, and spaghetti, are just the tip of the iceberg of side dishes.

Caracas House

Caracas House

A Venezuelan food truck right here in Springfield, Caracas House brings the taste of Venezuela to Metro Eats, with their menu that is filled with delicious food. The Tequenos are a breaded, fried cheese stick using Venezuelan cheese. One of their specialties is the must try, Arepas! These are corn cakes that are split open and filled with a variety of meats. The Pelua is filled with slow cooked beef, pepper, and onions. They also have the Parrilla Mixta, which is grilled steak, chicken, and Spanish sausage served with a side of yuca fries. 

El Salvador Pupuseria Y Mas

Plan to come hungry, because there is a whole menu of El Salvadorian cuisine waiting for you! El Salvador Pupuseria Y Mas has freshly made pupusas filled with beans and cheese or pork and cheese. You can even order the Pupusa Revuelta, that’s filled with all three beans, cheese and pork. They also have tamales filled with pork, chicken or refried beans. One of my favorite dishes is Carne Guisada. It’s a stew with tender meat, potatoes, carrots, and served with rice. 

417 Simply Better

417 Simply Better

If you are on the hunt for smoothies, lattes, and some awesome brunch items, look no further than 417 Simply Better! They have a toast menu that needs to be on your radar. They’re using organic sourdough bread and have so many options to top them with. The smoked salmon with cream cheese, hemp seeds, arugula, and finished with dill and capers, is a great way to start your morning. On the hunt for a delicious smoothie? They have Strawberry, Blue Mango, and Cacao options.

Nathalie African Food

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see Nathalie African Food truck open at Metro Eats. Their menu has so many items that I have wanted to try for so long. They have Sambusas, or you might know them as Samosas, filled with beef, potatoes, beans or rice. The menu also has a selection of Egusi, which is a soup made from the crushed Egusi seeds. You can have it made with chicken, beef or even goat. Make sure to order a side of Fufu to dip in your Egusi. 



Xurros has everything you require to cure your sweet tooth. Serving Spanish style churros is the name of the game, and they’re topping these fried delicacies with toppings of your dreams. They have the specialty menu, where you can have your churro topped with cookies and cream, Fruity Pebbles, or even milk chocolate with crushed almonds. There are also the filled churros, stuffed with your choice of Nutella, Bavarian Cream, or Strawberry. Order a full-sized loop or try their mini loops for the perfect snack. 

Love Craft Farms Coffee & Kombucha

If you’re out and about exploring all there is to enjoy at Metro Eats, you must stay caffeinated. Lovecraft Farms & Kombucha has everything that you require to keep you moving. They have double shot espresso lattes that you can flavor with one of their house-made syrups. Choose from chocolate, caramel, vanilla, or even white chocolate. Don’t forget to check out their menu of kombucha while you are there. You can order a draft, 12 oz can, or even a growler. Grab a can of the Strawberry Lavender or the Pina Colada Kombucha. 

Stusquatch’s Rockstar BBQ

Rockstar BBQ

Smoked meats and sides are the name of the game at Stusquatch’s Rockstar BBQ. They are smoking some delicious ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. They also have the killer sides to go with these smoked meats such as macaroni and cheese and baked beans just to name a couple. They are also whipping up some breakfast items as well. Their biscuits and gravy and eggs are guaranteed to fill you up. 

Where House Cocktail Bar

Looking for a great spot to meet up with friends to enjoy a beverage? The Where House Cocktail Bar has your back. They offer a wide range of local draft beer, wine, and of course some of the best cocktails you can find in the 417. They also have great events with live music, so grab the buddies, or plan a girl’s night out at The Where House Cocktail Bar. 

Metro Eats is located at 2463 W. Sunshine St. Springfield

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