Did you know Springfield is home to some of the largest statues and artwork in the United States? If you're looking to view something unique or weird, take a detour to some of Springfield's largest items.


World's Largest Fork

World's Largest Fork

How often is it that you get to see the world’s largest anything, let alone the largest fork? Nestled in the hidden pockets of Springfield, Missouri, sits a polished stainless steel fork that’s 35 feet tall and weighs approximately 11 tons. The fork was originally designed in 1990 by Noble and Associates advertising agency for a restaurant on South Glenstone Avenue. After the restaurant closed it was moved to Noble and Associates for its new permanent home also adjacent to the neighboring Food Network building. While not immediately visible from the street, it’s a fun and quirky stop to make some one-of-a-kind memories. 

2215 W. Chesterfield St.

Springfield, MO 65807




This may be cheesy, but there’s a pretty big noodle in the Ozarks. This massive noodle is at the Kraft Heinz Factory and is 20 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 10 feet tall curved into the iconic ‘You know you love it,’ smile. This noodle won’t be going anywhere as it weighs about 5 tons. If you’re looking forward to taking a cheesy selfie, there’s a bit of bad news. The Kraft noodle is fenced inside the Kraft Food plant, but you can still take a few pictures from afar.

1951 E. Meadowmere St.

Springfield, MO 65804

Golf Club

Golf Club

While huge, you can’t perfect your putt with this enormous golf club. Swing Right Golf Club is home to the largest golf club in the world. While the weight of the 42-foot-long golf club is unknown, it’s made of steel and aluminum, heavy enough to make Swing Right its permanent resting place. Taking a photo next to this golf club is just the start of the fun. Spend the rest of the day playing mini golf or take a swing at the driving range nearby. 

444 E. Farm Road 192 

Springfield, Missouri 65810

Monarch Butterfly Mural

Butterfly Mural

The butterfly wings have become a staple spot to Springfield’s downtown scenery and one of the most popular selfie spots in the city. Painted on a brick wall at South Avenue and Walnut Street, Andrea Ehrhardt painted the mural after asking the building owner if she could create the wings on the wall. They said yes. Several years later the butterfly was demolished by the new building owners. Luckly, the owners across the street still wanted to see the butterfly flourish. Andrea repainted the butterfly in 2018 and surprisingly, it has a tiny companion to go along with it. Other examples of Andrea’s art can be found throughout the city. 

400 S. Villa Rose Ave.

Springfield, MO 65802

Greetings Mural

Springfield Missouri Mural

When you visit Springfield, taking a picture with this mural is a must. After over a year of planning, Andrea Ehrhardt spent over three weeks painting this mural entirely by hand on the side of the Springfield Discovery Center in downtown Springfield. Containing many aspects of Springfield’s culture including Springfield Cardinals Baseball, colleges, and famous local attractions such as Bass Pro Shops, visitors can get a taste of Springfield from just one location. 

438 E St Louis St

Springfield, MO 65806

Museum Train

History Museum on the Square Train

The Frisco Rail Line comes to life in this large than life model train located inside the History Museum on the Square. Built around interactivity, the train is the centerpiece of the museum as it draws your eye the minute you step inside. While not just a place to rest your feet, you can ride the way from St. Louis to Springfield in an interactive digital game built inside the rail line. 

154 Park Central Square

Springfield, MO 65806

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