If you've seen a "flight" option on a menu at a restaurant, brewery or even a coffee shop, the concept may initially strike you as odd. Simply put, a flight is an order of samplings or tastings of selected beverages or food items that is served on a wooden board or in a specially designed carrier.

If you’re ready to sample something new, here are some fun food and drink flights perfect for foodies. Did we miss one? Email myohn@springfieldmo.org and we may add your suggestion.


Mimosa Flights at Gailey’s

If you’re a brunch fan, the mimosa flight at Gailey’s is sure to put some pep in your step. Choose three of their signature mimosa combinations and it’ll arrive at your table in the cutest wooden drink carrier.

Address: 220 E. Walnut St., Springfield

Elevated Bourbon Flight at Springfield Brewing Co.

If you’re a bourbon drinker or trying for the first time, the elevated bourbon flight at Springfield Brewing Co. is a great introduction. You’ll get a one ounce pour of four of their different signature bourbons.

Address: 305 S. Market Ave, Springfield

Coffee Flights at Black Lab Coffee Co.

If you’re not a cocktail drinker, the coffee flights at Black Lab Coffee Co. are sure to satisfy. If you’re not sure what to order, you can choose from hot or iced coffees off their menu to include in your flight.

Address: 3541 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, 545 E. Elm St., Republic

Whiskey Flights at Big Whiskeys

It isn’t called Big Whiskey’s for nothing. Choose from a variety of flights to sample all different types of whiskey. 

Multiple Locations

Margarita Flights at Mundos Latin American Kitchen

Make taco Tuesday a little more exciting with margarita flights at Mundos Latin American Kitchen. Ordering a flight will get you four 8 oz margaritas coming in flavors such as strawberry, lime, mango and peach.

Address: 5493 N. 17th St, Ozark

Winerita Flights at Bear Creek Wine Company and Brewing

What’s better than wine? Frozen wine! Choose from four of Bear Creek’s different winerita combinations. Try the traditional flavors, or you can mix them together.

Address: 1320 Keithley Road, Walnut Shade

Sake Flights at Ariake

If you head inside to the Sake Lounge inside Ariake, you can order a sake flight with four tastings of Kikusui Nigori, Kikusui Junmai Ginjo, Otokoyama Junmai and Izumo Fuji Junmai.

Address: 1110 E. Battlefield Road, Springfield

Traditional Beer & Wine Flights

Beer Flights

Turkey Creek Brewing Beer Flight

Beer Flight at Turkey Creek Brewing

4 by 4 Brewing Company

Back Home Brewing

Banter Brewing Co.

Great Escape Beer Works

Hold Fast Brewing

Tie & Timber Beer Co.

Turkey Creek Brewery 

White River Brewing

Wire Road Brewing

Vineyard Market

Wine Flights

Lindwedel Winery Wine Flight

Wine Flight at Lindwedel Winery

Lindwedel Winery

Cellar + Plate

Ozark Hills Winery


Deviled Egg Flights at Georgia Mac’s

The Devil went down to Georgia and brought back deviled eggs. Sample Georgia Mac’s flight of eight deviled eggs with flavors such as home-style, smokey pimento cheese, cheesy bacon and mustard horseradish.

Address: 1440 E. Republic Road, Springfield

Avocado Toast Flight at Urban Grounds

While they’re called “toasties” on Urban Ground’s menu, you can choose a flight of four different avocado toast variations from Figgy Goat and Berries and Cream to Caprese and traditional avocado. 

Address: 5557 N. 21st St, Ozark

Waffle Flight at Liege Love Waffle Co.

What's better than a warm delicious waffle? Six of them! You can get a waffle flight at Liege Love Waffle Co. in 14 Mill Market that comes with six different flavors. Flavors include lemon blueberry supreme, rasperry supreme, Hawaiian strawberry, banana cream, churro and strawberry Nutella. 

Address: 203 E. Mt. Vernon St., Nixa

Rita’s Italian Ice Flight


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If you can’t choose your favorite Italian ice flavor, Rita’s will make that easy. Choose up to four different flavors for their Italian ice flights for the perfect warm weather treat. 

Address: 2100 W. Republic Road Suite 112, Springfield

Box Turtle Creamery’s Ice Cream Flight

If you’re sharing with the kids, or just want it all to yourself, Box Turtle Creamery offers a flight of six different scoops of ice cream on their ice cream flight. 

Address: 1458 E. Cherry St., Springfield

Biscuits and Gravy Flight at JW’s Kitchen


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We’ve never heard of a biscuits and gravy flight, but we’re down to try it. Choose up to three biscuits with three different types of gravy including country sausage, mushroom cream and granny’s chocolate gravy.

Address: 2144 E. Republic Road B-101, Springfield

Cheesecake Flight at Bear Creek Wine Company

Sweet tooths and cheesecake lovers will love the cheesecake flight at Bear Creek Wine Company. The flight includes four different kinds of cheesecake featuring flavors like lemon blueberry, chocolate mouse, peanut butter and chocolate, and cherry.

Address: 1320 Keithley Road, Walnut Shade

Slider Flight at MO Slider Co.

A mini burger flight is coming to your table at MO Slider Co. inside of 14 Mill Market. A tray of six sliders will be brought out with your choice of chicken or beef sliders.

Address: 203 E. Mt. Vernon St, Nixa

Secret Menu Item: Black Sheep Burger’s Sauce Sampler

While not officially on their menu, whenever you order any of Black Sheep’s fries, they’ll offer to bring out their sauce sampler tray filled with all eight of their different fry sauces. Dip into flavors such as truffle mayo, chipotle bbq, smoky garlic mayo and others.

Multiple Locations

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