Freelance writers, bloggers, radio program hosts, magazine staff and more are telling the story of Springfield. An unprecedented number of journalists have come to the city this summer to visit Springfield-area attractions, eat at our wonderful restaurants and enjoy the views.

Among them are Diana Lambdin Meyer, a freelancer who writes for a variety of publications. For her blog, she wrote about Uncle Roosters, a restaurant in Seymour and she has an article about the city in the works for “Where to Retire” magazine.

“I love quirky, which is why I loved Uncle Rooster's and writing on the floor,” Meyer said. “Plus, my Instagram posts of the fun parking meters downtown got a lot of traffic. The ‘Where to Retire’ article focuses on much of the lifestyle in Springfield, so obviously, Springfield has stories for writers of all niches.”

Another writer who likes quirky is Bill Clevlen, host of the nationally syndicated radio program “Bill on the Road.” He wrote about his experience in stories titled “Surprising Springfield MO” and “World’s Tallest Fork.”

Coming this weekend for the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival is Mike Marrs, a guest host for Texas-based “In Wheel Time,” a radio program focusing on cars. He will be broadcasting live from the event as well as gathering interviews for future stories.

“Any gearhead worth a shift has thought about taking a road trip on Route 66!” Marrs said. “And now to be able to celebrate the birth of the Mother Road in Springfield is just AWESOME!  Along with the history, there will be cars, Route 66 historians, music and more cars all in the Springfield area.  It is going to be great!”

Those are just three of the journalists who have visited Springfield this year. Many others have been here and we’re expecting more so keep an eye and ear open for stories about Springfield coming soon to a media outlet near you.

Beverly and Matthew Robb, owners of Relics Antique Mall & Tea Room, have enjoyed hosting some of the writers for meals and showing off their expanding store, and they’re looking forward to the possibility of seeing stories about their business.

“We are so appreciative and impressed by the efforts made by Susan Wade, public relations manager at the CVB, to attract to Springfield, and escort around town, travel writers,” Beverly Robb said. “Her personal attention to, and guidance of, the writers makes all the difference between a great travel article bringing loads of tourists, and a mediocre one that does not do our area's businesses much good.

“Susan even thought to provide a cooler so that one writer could transport chocolate and other perishable Springfield specialties on the 90 degree day the writer visited!

“We are constantly amazed at the hard work and creativity our Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau employees deliver on a daily basis. We feel lucky to have such a great group working on our behalf.”

The CVB extends a big thank you to the Robbs and numerous other businesses that have hosted the journalists during their visits. Your support is appreciated and will be returned with positive press about the city as a travel destination.