Prior to launching a new branding campaign in 2014, H2R Market Research conducted a baseline Brand Perception Study for the Springfield area. The purpose of the follow-up research was to provide the CVB with insight into the changes in perception of the Springfield area, if any, and what direction further messaging should take.  

Similar to the 2014 study, the 2016 Brand Perception Follow-up Research was conducted among leisure travel decision makers living 50-300 miles from Springfield, Missouri.

Overall, the research concluded that the rebranding effort is having positive impact on perceptions of the Springfield, MO area. Not only has market awareness improved and recent visitation increased, but regional travelers also have improved feelings toward Springfield as a travel destination.

A few of the highlights from the report are included below.  Click here to read the full report.

  • Familiarity with Springfield increased 4 points to 95% and remains 7 points ahead of the competitive set’s average.
  • 70% of travelers exhibit interest in visiting Springfield
  • Springfield Net Promoter Score increased by a significant 12 points over 2014.
  • Springfield is seen as having stronger associations with “The Big City,” “Arts & Culture,” “Technology,” and “Great Restaurants.”
  • Attitudes toward the phrase “The Ozarks” continues to improve (84% positive today v. 82% in 2014).
  • Travelers familiar with Springfield are most likely to describe the area with terms such as “Family Friendly,” “Casual,” “Affordable,” “Accessible” and “Down-to-Earth.”  However, compared to 2014, additional gains were for “Artsy,” “Ordinary,” “Entrepreneurial,” “Restful/Relaxing” and “Diverse.”

As a result of the initial brand research conducted in 2014, Springfield was charged with growing ad awareness, narrowing the focus of its marketing, developing brand advocates and connecting emotionally to the prospective traveler. In each of these cases, Springfield has been successful in moving the needle toward its goals. The CVB will continue down this path with increased efforts in leveraging new visitors and helping them promote the Springfield area using social media. In addition, marketing will continue to deepen the emotional connection to create an even stronger brand in the future.