Dana MaugansDana Maugans, Sales Director

Dana worked for the CVB from 1988-1992 and returned in 1999.

What do you tell family or friends who ask about what you do in your job?

I sell Springfield to groups to convene, which creates economic impact for our community. I do not hand out brochures and I don't work for the chamber.

What work achievement are you most proud of?

Various groups booked over the years and relationships that were established with clients. I am proud of my hard-working sales and services team and their passion for doing a good job. They are all well-respected among their peers and clients.

What attracted you to work in the tourism marketing industry?

When I was young (and as an adult), I loved looking at maps and was curious about everywhere. I wanted to be a flight attendant, which is hard to believe since I don't like to fly (I make myself do it, though!). I love to explore, see new places, and take the scenic route. I love hotels, and when in college, I wanted a job where I could wear a suit to work, which is what we did back in my early years. I spent a summer in Greenport, Long Island, New York, in 1983 and worked as a pool manager/lifeguard at a locally owned resort called Soundview Inn. It was on the Long Island Sound and was one of the best experiences for me to grow. I met a girl from Ohio who was studying hotel/restaurant management. I didn't know there was such a degree but when I returned to Missouri, I changed my major.

If you wrote a book about yourself, what would you name it? 

"Delaware Street" - This is the street where I grew up in Butler. My mother still lives in the same house my parents bought just before I was born. I grew up with a sense of freedom that kids don't get today. We had so many friends and it was a picturesque place to grow up. Things weren't always perfect but I wouldn't change any of it.