Wonders Of Wildlife Fun Facts

Did you know these facts about Wonders of Wildlife? Check off the ones you already know!

1. Giant Pacific octopi, like Nyx, have three hearts.

2. Wow is home to over 600 species of animals.

3. Sturgeon at WOW are trained to know it's time to eat when they hear the maraca.

4. Not all sharks need to constantly swim. Sand tiger sharks will snooze in the Out to Sea exhibit.

5. 624,000 pounds of salt are used each year to make 2,737,000 gallons of saltwater.

6. Since opening in 2017, staff and volunteers have completed about 440,000 dives.

7. Each Wednesday, divers at WOW do underwater exhibit maintenance for a cumulative 20 hours.

8. WOW partners with 40 leading national conservation organizations.

9. More than 60 species of corals live in the Coral Reef tank.

10. 45 aquarists, keepers, vet staff and life support work together to ensure the best animal care.

11. It would take the two-toed sloth at WOW 8.82 hours to walk the museum's 1.5 miles of pathway.

12. WOW moves over 20,000 gallons of water every minute.

13. The oldest SeaTREK guest to date is 92 years old.

14. During the summer, SeaTREK guests use 36,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of air daily.

15. WOW has over 1.3 million gallons of water, and the building is 350,000 square feet.

16. It took two muralists an entire year to paint the Great African Hall.

17. 12 loggerhead sea turtles were rehabilitated at WOW and released back into the wild in 2021.

18. The freshwater mana ray at WOW weights over 80 pounds.

19. WOW recovers 10,950,000 gallons of used saltwater every year.


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