The days are getting warmer here in the Ozarks, so why not quench your thirst with super-refreshing drinks from some great local spots in Springfield? Let’s explore just a handful of locally owned eateries that serve great food and tasty beverages as well. 

The Guadalajara from El Escondite

El Escondite

What do you get when you mix the perfect amount of Jalisco Tequila Blanco, Ilegal Joven Mezcal, fresh grapefruit, orange and just a splash of Squirt soda with sliced fresh fruit? You get one of the tastiest beverages in Springfield, the Guadalaran from El Escondite. The beverage is served in a large bowl and is covered in sliced oranges, limes and grapefruit. It’s the perfect way to relax at the end of the day while trying some Mexican snacks from their menu.

Address: 2528-A, S. Campbell Ave., Springfield

Boba Milk Tea from Lucky Cat Boba and Taiyaki

Lucky Cat Boba

There are many different assortments of milk tea to choose from while visiting Lucky Cat Boba. I like to try something different each time I visit, and I hit the jackpot this last time. The strawberry milk tea with peach boba is fantastic. Plus, adding the extra fruitiness of the peach boba made it even better. Head to Lucky Cat Boba and browse their selection of flavors and see which one is your favorite. 

Address: 3480 S. Stewart Ave., Springfield

Papelon con Limon from Caracas House

I love hunting down food trucks and finding new foods and drinks, so I was in love when I was introduced to Caracas House and its menu. Not only are they serving some killer food, but they also have some tasty beverages. My favorite that they serve is the Papelon Con Limon, which is so simple, yet super refreshing. It is made with water, lime and raw sugar cane juice; that’s it. Simplicity at its best, allowing you to enjoy the day and not have a care in the world! 

Address: 2463 W. Sunshine St., Springfield

Purple Yuzu Lemon Refresher from The Gochu

The Gochu Refresher

I love visiting 14 Mill Market in Nixa. The Gochu is one of their newest spots to open, and they are serving a super refreshing drink that you must try. The Purple Yuzu Refresher is a Korean citrus lemonade mixed with flower tea, and it tastes as good as it looks! It’s cold, it’s citrusy and it cools down your taste buds.

Address: 203 E Mt. Vernon St., Nixa

Lemonade from George and Squeezy’s Deluxe Lemon Shake Ups!

George and Squeezy's Lemonade

I love when a food truck or restaurant can take a drink that is already loved by all and just flip it on its lid with some crazy add-ons. George and Squeezy’s Deluxe Lemon Shake Ups are doing just that with their beverage trailer. You order either a lemonade or a limeade, and then you doctor them with a variety of flavors. Choose from blood orange, peach, or even prickly pear, then add a little habanero lime or peach mango! You can even make it a “One of a Kind” and add key lime pie, pina colada or even strawberry cheesecake. Watch their social media to see where they will pop up next.

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