The Ozarks has a plethora of great spots to grab yourself a drink to sip on, but boba tea shops are sweeping the Springfield area with their delicious sweet milk teas, fruit smoothies and sweet baked goods. These are just a handful of the local spots serving boba milk tea in the area.

What is Boba Tea?

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, originated from Taiwan in the 1980s. By the 1990s the drink had started appearing along the American west coast and became a staple by the 2000s. Boba technically refers to the bite-sized, chewy tapioca pearls found in bubble milk tea, though sometimes it refers to the entire drink itself.

Lucky Cat BoBa Tea and Taiyaki

LuckyCat Boba

The moment you step inside of Lucky Cat, you are welcomed with great décor and cozy seating. You can relax and catch up on your favorite Anime while you enjoy your boba tea and the amazing desserts. They have a menu littered with amazing boba and refreshers, but they are also offering pancakes that are smothered in various sweet toppings. 

Address: 3480-3450 S. Stewart Ave., Springfield

La Boba Café

La Boba Café has been serving milk teas since 2016, but it's not just milk tea that is popular. You can also grab one of their delicious smoothies, or even hot Vietnamese coffee. Their signature menu offers some scrumptious beverages, like the Thai’d Up, which is a Thai tea with black boba, or even the Dew Me, a Honeydew milk tea with grass jelly.

Address: 1601 W. Sunshine St., Springfield

Teaology Boba Café

Teaology in Springfield, Missouri

TeaOlogy is the sister restaurant to Niji Sushi in Galloway, and has a menu filled with milk, rice, and oolong teas. They also offer a wide selection of slushies and smoothies as well! So, head in, grab a bánh mí and a brown sugar milk tea, you wont regret it.  

Address: 1111 E. Republic Road, Springfield

Bobalicious & Bakery

One of Springfields newest spots to grab a boba tea from, Bobalicious is making a splash in the tasty drinks market. While you can order all the boba that you could possibly handle, you can also grab some bakery items as well like matcha tiramisu, BBQ pork buns, and chiffon cakes topped with raspberries. Great beverages, plus made from scratch bakery goods, can it truly get any better than that?

Address: 2926 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield



Who doesn’t love a slice of freshly baked cake with a tall glass of bubble tea? SocieTea has been serving delicious boba since 2019 at their location on Sunshine Street. You can grab one of their signature drinks, like the Say Cheese that is a black tea topped with cream cheese, black pearl and crystal pearl boba. They also have some great fruit selections like the strawberry series or the mango series teas and slushes.

Address: 1653 E. Sunshine St., Springfield

Address: 2144 E. Republic Road, Springfield

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