Hey there, friends! The name's Brenda, Brenda Jae! I'm so excited to get to tell you all about my favorite parts of Springfield. My dads take me everywhere with them, but after talking to some of my furball friends I learned that not everyone knows about all the cool things to do in the city. As a self-appointed ambassador of all things dog-related in Springfield, I want to share my top 7 ways to have fun with your humans.


5 Pound Apparel has complimentary treats for us and drinks for our people.

1. 5 Pound Apparel.

This store is awesome, just like Missouri. (Wink, wink.) That's an inside joke with the store. One day after the Farmer's Market of the Ozarks, it started to rain and a sweet girl welcomed me in. She even had treats and said I could come back anytime! How awesome is that? On top of being dog-friendly, 5 Pound Apparel carries this neat brand called "Found My Animal." Their mission is to promote animal adoption, and as a rescue myself, I can not say enough good about them - especially since they are about the only place that carries my color.


The dog wash stations at Petsway are like your very own puppy salon.

2. Petsway.

Petsway is a staple in our family. I like going to the one on Battlefield Road because it's like my very own doggy spa! Get this - on top of great shopping, they have doggy wash stations with everything you need to look and feel your best. My favorite part is the blow out at the end that makes my coat look AMAZING!


The wide open field at Cruse Dog Park is the perfect place for a pup to stretch her legs.

3. Cruse Dog Park.

The first park I've been to where you can run free without a leash! Every dog who is anybody is at Cruse. This place is great because everytime I go, I get to make a new friend and run off so much energy. Whenever I have friends in from out of town we get a day pass so we can all run free in the fields. It's the perfect way to catch up while our humans do too.

4. Andy's Frozen Custard.

With the weather warming up, us dogs have to stay cool. One of the coolest treats in town is a puppy cone! The friendly people at Andy's Frozen Custard give complimentary cones to the dogs just because! This is a treat best eaten outside at a park. Let's just say my humans learned that the hard way with our first drive-through.


Bass Pro Shops is a dog-friendly store with plenty for your pooch to sniff and explore.

5. Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.

You know Springfield is home to the original and largest Bass Pro Shops, but did you know that the entire place is dog friendly? You can literally go everywhere your people can! I got to see alligators, fish, birds and all this neat stuff. I loved it so much, and it has now become my rainy day go-to spot.


The Ray House at Wilson's Creek is one of the oldest structures in Springfield.

6. Wilson's Creek National Battlefield & over 100 Springfield Parks.

Okay, so when the weather is gorgeous you have to get to Wilson's Creek National Battlefield or one of over 100 parks in Springfield. The trails go on forever, and there are so many awesome sights, sounds and, most importantly, smells to discover. Last time I was at Wilson's Creek, I met a horse! He said I was the prettiest pup he'd seen there. Talk about straight from the horse's mouth!


Fantastic Caverns is America's only ride-through cave, and it's also the only dog-friendly, ride-through cave!

7. Fantastic Caverns.

First things first, this cave was discovered by . . . a dog! You can ride in the Jeep tram and tour the entire cave with your humans while learning all about the fantastic history of the cave. This is a definite bucket list for my furry friends because this is the only cave in America you can ride through! I will warn you, as a friend, they shut off all the lights and it gets pretty dark in there.


With so much to do in Springfield, a girl can get exhausted. Lucky for me, my dads love Starbucks just as much as I do. Puppuccino anyone? Yes please! Have fun my furball friends, and enjoy yourselves while in Springfield. Feel free to share your dog and human-friendly Springfield activities in the comments below.

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